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July 8th, 2017
Social Science Encounters Charrette, Baltimore MD
Social Science Encounters is an endeavor being planned by The Omnimuseum Project beginning in 2017. The goal of Social Science Encounters is to engage people in everyday public settings in ways that deepen their sense of empathy and recognition of a common ground with others around them. Charrette participants will work in teams to develop concepts addressing questions like: How can people be prompted in public spaces to reflect critically on their own assumptions and prejudices? How can people be engaged in thinking more deeply about their social relationships with others around them? How might the divisions we believe stand between us become more permeable – reminding us we all have more in common than we have differences?

Charrette Participants: Andrea Jones, Natalie Campbell, Kiah Shapiro, Roula, Tsapalas, Matt Levendusky, Susan Ades, Simona Uzaite, Will Schenck, Elif Gokcigdem, Sydney Luken, David Crandall, Cory Bernat, Nancy proctor, Michael Burns


November 17 - 20, 2016

Chaos at the Museum: Infiltrating the Urban Fabric - Buenos Aires

The Omnimuseum Project was represented by Michael Burns and Clare Brown at "Chaos at the Museum" in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We presented some of the basics of ubiquitous museology and conducted workshops focusing on "activating" urban spaces as informal learning environments.


October 17, 2015

Meeting: The Museum Lens

The Museum Lens, was part of a series of gatherings organized by the Omnimuseum Project around the topic of ubiquitous museology. The goal of the meeting was to try and get at the conditions that constitute the "museum mindset" and how it might be adopted in the everyday world. Four primary question were introduced to launch the discussion:

1. What is the “museum lens”?

2. What are the skills and behaviors associated with the museum lens?

3. What do museums do better, or differently than other institutions (formal and informal)?

4. What does seeing through the museum lens bring to school, workplace, community, society?

Meeting Participants:

Michael Burns, Director of the Omnimuseum Project, (meeting organizer)

Trisha Edwards, Head of Education for the National Museum of American History’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation (meeting organizer)

Carol Blossert, Carol Blossert Services and host of “Museum Life” on VoiceAmerica

Andrea Jones, Director of Programs and Visitor Engagement at the Accokeek Foundation

John Leigh, Multi-Media Engineer at Quatrefoil Associates

Nancy Proctor, Deputy Director for Digital Experience At the Baltimore Museum of Art and Co-Chair for Museums and the Web

Laura Yoder, Doctoral Candidate, English, NYU

Location: National Museum of American History’s Lemelson Center, Washington DC


September 12, 2015

Ubiquitous Museology Charrette

On September 12, 2015 a group of designers, educators, administrators, scientists, technologists and students gathered in Washington DC for a charrette on the subject of ubiquitous museology. Ubiquitous museology (UM) is the practice of engaging people in the science, culture and history that surround them every day. UM rethinks the “museum experience” by embracing the world itself as a site for informal learning and enrichment. UM lays the groundwork for museums and other cultural institutions to occur in real world places and among things and phenomena that correspond with their educational missions.

Charrette Participants:

Cory Bernat, Carol Blossert, Clare Brown, Kyle Browne, M.W. Burns, Jayna Champeau, Kate Devlin, Tricia Edwards, Jonathan Healey, Kassie Juenke, Judith Landau, John Leigh, Elena Saxton, William Schenck, Cassandra Slack, Roula Tsapalas, Chad Tyler

Organized by M.W. Burns and Clare Brown

Location: Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at George Washington University, Washington, DC



MAY 20, 2014

American Alliance of Museum's Conference, Seattle WA.
Contributors and members of the Omnimuseum Project will come together to discuss their projects and strategies for spreading informal learning and enrichment opportunities across broad geographical areas and embracing the world of the "everyday" as a site for learning.

Title: Beyond Museum Outreach - Toward a Ubiquitous Presence.

Presenters include:

Alvaro Amat, Exhibition Design Director at The Field Museum in Chicago

Clare Brown, Chair and Academic Advisor for the Master of Arts in the Exhibition Design program at the Corcoran College of Art + Design

Katherine Hamilton-Smith, Director of Cultural Resources for the Lake County Forest Preserve District

Michael Wall, Vice President of Research and Public Programs at the San Diego Natural History Museum

Ruth Hawkins, Director of the Arkansas Heritage Sites program at Arkansas State University

Michael W. Burns, Director of the Omnimuseum Project will moderate the session

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