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What is the Omnimuseum Project?

Those of us who have been lucky enough to spend time in museums know they can deliver powerful experiences that enrich many facets of our lives. Whether we are talking about science, history, culture or nature, museums help us understand and appreciate the world we live in. But, what we sometimes forget is that there is more science, history, culture and nature in our everyday surroundings than in all the museums combined.

So, what happens when people who create museum experiences apply their expertise to the world around us?

This is the question that led to the Omnimuseum Project, a non-profit 501(c)(3) that draws upon the skills and creativity of designers, educators, administrators and subject specialists to effectively transform the things, places, and phenomena we are surrounded by into informal learning and enrichment experiences - a practice called ubiquitous museology.

Photo: Ubiquitous Museology Charrette, Washington DC

What is Ubiquitous Museology?

Ubiquitous Museology is the study and practice of developing, designing, and implementing informal learning experiences in the real world. Ubiquitous museology frames the world as a museum, approaching its contents as a complete collection of things, places, people, and phenomena, as well as the facility in which we encounter and engage with this collection. By embracing the everyday world as a platform for place-based learning, ubiquitous museology makes experiences, typically found in museums, more publicly accessible and more relevant to their locations.  

The Omnimuseum Project is an organization working to transform ordinary places into sites for informal learning and enrichment. In so doing, we are developing ways for museums and other cultural and educational institutions to actively support their missions in real world places, serving a broader public.


Looking Ahead

One of our goals in 2017 is in researching and planning for what we call “Site Activations”. Site Activations turn everyday environments into places of inquiry and discovery. Because different environments offer different kinds of public engagement, the Omnimuseum Project will address a range of natural and built conditions, including urban, suburban and rural settings. The pedagogical strategies and tactics developed for these Site Activations will be scalable, providing a foundation for addressing other locations with similar conditions while remaining sensitive to the uniqueness of each location. This will allow our work to be applicable across the nation, and globally.

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The Omnimuseum Project is a non-profit organization devoted to embracing our world of things, places and phenomena as sites for informal learning. The project's initiatives involve stimulating discourse, conducting research and disseminating information on expanding the museum experience to everyday settings.



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